I will sing about the Lord’s steadfast love and his justice; I will make music with my mouth and my life (v. 1).

I will think long and hard on the path that is blameless, longing for the help that comes from God so that I might not stray from his ways (v. 2a).

I will live and walk in my home with a heart of integrity; I will be above reproach in my private life (v. 2b).

I will not let my eyes look on anything that is worthless (v. 3a).

I will know nothing of evil, but will hate, reject, and flee from perversity and from those who call me to fall away from God (v. 3b-4).

I will silence those who slander others (v. 5a).

I will not tolerate those with proud looks and arrogant hearts, including the pride in my own heart (v. 5b).

I will open my life to those who are faithful and blameless, surrounding myself with them and seeking to be ministered to by them (v. 6).

I will not put down roots with liars (v. 7).

I will destroy wickedness every morning (v. 8).

(Psalm 101)