I look for them in a clean house, a meal at a restaurant, well-behaved children, a healthy family, leisure time. They are sucked from me by a pile of clothes to fold, a strict budget, a child’s whine, sickness, busyness.

I find them in weakness, because He is strong. I find them in sickness, because He is sovereign and in control, whether He heals or not. I find them in a roof and a meal that only He could have provided. I find them in God alone. He comes to me in the storm and lets it continue to rage, because His presence is peace. My daughter has been sick the past two days, and she continues to say, “Daddy, I need you.” I ask what she needs. “I just need you.”  She just wants me there; my presence.

Psalm 73:28 says, “The nearness of God is my good.” He alone can satisfy the desires of my heart, for He is the desire of my heart. Other things may bring joy, but unless I seek out “the presence of God” in them, they will soon disappoint. The reality is that His nearness is found in unlikely places. Places I don’t think to or want to look. He is often found in the place He seems furthest away.