I mentioned in my last post that our family has begun reading the Bible together each day. My previous thought concerning “Family Devotions” was that they were something I would need to prepare a lesson for, or that I would at least need to have some deep insight to convey to the captive audience of my wife and children. I have since realized that the attention span of a two-year old is… short, and that my wife and I are able to share our own insights in a more casual manner throughout the day, as opposed to during a formal “lesson.”

So here’s how our family devotions have been going: Elaine “reads” from her Bible. (Today’s selection was as follows: “Jesus sneezed. “God bless you.'” The Trinitarian implications are mind-boggling.) After that, Andrea and I take turns reading paragraphs from one chapter of a selected book – we are currently in Luke. Elaine takes her second turn of reading, and then we all pray. It’s so simple, but I see how God can use such a simple thing to help me recognize my role as a spiritual leader in my home and the responsibility Andrea and I have to raise kids in a way that honors God. And Elaine has caught on fast; in the past two days, she has been the one reminding us that we haven’t read our Bibles yet. The other nice thing is that visitors can join in. We had Andrea’s family in town this past week, and her sister was able to jump right in with us.

All in all, family devotions have turned out to be much less daunting than I had previously conceived. I am praying that we will remain faithful to this simple yet profound practice; if Elaine has anything to do with it, we will.