It’s hard to be disappointed. To expect something and have it not materialize as you wanted can be disheartening, even when it’s tiny. In fact, I think I deal with large disappointments better than little one’s; maybe because the big ones usually have some kind of legitimate explanation. If friends are supposed to come to visit, and at the last second they can’t because of some unforeseen circumstance, I can handle that fine. I wanted to see them, but for a perfectly understandable reason, plans have changed. But if I’m going out for ice cream with a craving for mint chocolate chip, and I arrive to find that the mint chocolate chip is no more, it’s all over. Never mind the joy of eating any kind of ice cream; my world has fallen apart because the mint chocolate chip has run out. I morph into a 6′ 1″ baby, choking down a scoop of butter pecan, a flavor I would normally enjoy, except for the reverberating sickness of disappointment.

I was disappointed this evening, and it wasn’t at the ice cream shop, but it was just as tiny. It’s made me realize that disappointment simply reveals more of the tiny “idols to Andy” that I almost involuntarily worship every day. Dr. Stuart Scott taught me that an idol is something I will sin to get or sin if I don’t. So I may not rip the mint chocolate chip waffle cone from that five-year-old’s hand because I want it so bad, but I will become sinful angry and self-centered when I don’t get what I want. That anger or greed or whatever is just an evidence that my desire for mint chocolate chip was not simply an innocent wish; it was an idol. It was something, sadly, I loved more than God in that moment. So I chalk up this evenings disappointment as yet one more example of my depravity and need for God. May I find my pleasure in God, not His gifts. I’m going to get some ice cream now – we’ve got some peach in the freezer… I hope.

“In your presence is fullness of joy; In Your right hand there are pleasures forever.” – Psalm 16:11

“I will be satisfied with Your likeness.” – Psalm 17:15